Auto Detailing in Oahu

We believe in a long-term relationship, that's why over 90% of our business for auto detailing comes from existing clients. Providing a first class experience is our number one priority and one of the main reasons our auto detail business was created.

Living in Oahu is the very essence of a charmed life. It extends grass covered cliffs into the warm sweep of a tranquil sea. From the heights of dormant volcanoes to the fish darting in and out of the reef, you know that you’ve found the perfect backdrop to an existence that values the finer things. Known as the island of the Kings, it has been the home of the great Hawaiian monarchs.

How fitting that it now houses the capital and builds upon its colorful heritage. With such a rich history those that live in its paradise are also aware of the drawbacks. With Honolulu skyscrapers crowning the sky and tourists flocking to sun themselves on the warm beaches, locals need a way of quickly navigating through the mounting traffic. There is nothing better than a richly appointed sports car that is able to hug the turns and purr with the precision of a finely tuned motor. Having a car that sparkles as pristinely on the inside as the exterior is one reason locals seek the expertise of Auto Concierge Hawaii car detailing.

With all of the outdoor experiences beckoning, many forget that there is also a large group equally passionate about their mode of transportation. Oahu has long enjoyed a history with automobiles; the first roadster cruised on the scene October 8, 1899. For the past 18 months Auto Concierge Hawaii has been hosting Cars and Coffee at their auto detail shop at Ala Moana, where the sports car enthusiast is able to bring their vehicles to the show and relish in their unique modifications and enhancements. Utilizing the quality care and attention to detail is what drives many to find a company that values how their vehicle looks as much as they do. The car community is strong with very active clubs such as Porsche Club of Hawaii and the BMW Club of Hawaii and radio hosts, such as George Nitta, sharing expert advice with their followers. Those on the island know that Auto Concierge Hawaii is often the recommended company to keep high-end vehicles at their finest. When it feels like riding on a cloud and can hit 60MPH in 3.2 seconds, you know you have something to boast about.

Luxury sports cars in Honolulu enhance the tropical paradise, bringing driver experience and passion to a crescendo. Whether you’re exploring Hawaii Loa Ridge for a day hike or cruising through Kahala and Diamond Head, having a car that allows you to bask in the journey is a worthy investment. It gives you the opportunity to take in the best Oahu has to offer in utmost style. Peeling back the layers of confinement and giving drivers the sense of unhindered freedom. Driving is all about the moment and for those who have made Hawaii their home, having a car that builds upon all of the amenities is just another aspect of a life that is focused on aesthetics.

Honolulu has long been known as having some of the worst traffic in the country. When you have a car that’s able to whip through the crowds and take you out of the congestion and into the open air, where you’re able to roll down your windows, crank up your tunes, and let all of the stress of the week fade away, it’s beyond perfect. It’s this reason that so many have invested in a quality sports car. It’s not just for the surfers to find their edge on the waves, but for those more at home behind the wheel to challenge the turns and the roadways when the wind has calmed to a lull. Hawaii life, it’s not always outside, sometimes it’s the journey that defines the destination.